Our Process

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PETER BLOCK ARCHITECTS is more than a design firm, and it's more than an office. Nestled in a secluded enclave of shops and design studios at 2300 Peachtree Road, it's a place where artistry pervades industry, and humanity trumps formality. 

Visitors come here not for a particular look, but for the excitement of creating a home together  -- a highly personal journey that unfolds over cups of exceptional coffee, stacks of rare books, and imaginative, impromptu sketches.

As you meet with Peter, the plans just get better and better. He basically has me walking through my house — from the moment I put down my car keys until the moment I go to bed. He’s factored in every part of our life.
— Joy Tharpe, homeowner

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Homeowners, designers, and builders all know Peter as the consummate collaborator -- for whom no idea remains unexplored, and no detail goes overlooked. Thus, his buildings are as authentic in their historical references as they are considerate of their inhabitants.

It's architecture that exists at the intersection of unwavering passion and purpose.  

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Buildings by Peter Block Architects are thoughtful, comfortable foundations for lasting memories, where luxury exists even in the sparest of rooms. Their beauty is ultimately a reflection of the people who dwell within. 

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When you’re thinking how to fit a sofa or a bed into a room, Peter’s thinking about volume, light, air, sound, and rhythm. When you’re trying to figure out how to seat eight people at a dining room table, he’s imagining the experience of dining itself.
— Jim Howard, Interior Designer


Model in use

Every example -- be it a single-family residence or a humble outbuilding -- captures a lasting romanticism too often forgotten. And it resonates with precision, integrity, and heart. This is PETER BLOCK ARCHITECTS.