Peter Block

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Since establishing Peter Block Architects in Atlanta, in 1995, Peter has built a reputation on his commitment to soulful, client-focused, historically rooted architecture. But his passion for architecture started long before that.

From Texas to Los Angeles

Peter discovered his interest in architecture as a child in Texas, and pursued his passion from the age of 12. He ultimately earned his degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982.

Entering the field as an intern architect at Harker Medley & Associates, he rose through the ranks quickly. After just two years at the firm, Peter's work was published in multiple publications.

In Los Angeles, he held senior positions at Vito Cetta Architects and Randy Washington Group Architects. By the age of 30 he became Director of the architectural design department.


In Atlanta

Peter's Buckhead office is home to a devoted team of architects and creatives that specialize in custom residences, equestrian facilities, and multi-family designs. 

Utilizing forward thinking, techniques and technologies, he translates traditional and European disciplines for the current day.

Peter has won the prestigious Shutze Awards four times, for vastly different projects: a Lutyens-based English, a Cape-Dutch-style coastal retreat; a Shaker-influenced American farmhouse; and an 18th-century-inspired Parisian Hotel Particulier.

A registered architect in numerous states, Peter is certified through the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and has served as a board member of The Institute of Classical Architecture Southeastern Chapter. He is a lifetime member of the Design Leadership Network.



Peter is inspired by his international travels, during which he takes hundreds of photographs. He's also inspired by books. His office contains more than 1,000 rare books from the 19th century to the present day, which the architects reference frequently for examples of historic precedence, proportion and construction techniques.

This is one of his most defining characteristics -- preserving the visions and methodologies of the masters who preceded him. Every building he produces preserves the virtues of beauty, comfort, luxury, soulfulness, and suitability -- without compromise.

Pursuing passion with a sense of purpose is Peter’s defining legacy.